So guys I think we should have a to-do list so we can keep track of what needs to be done.

Feel free to add/remove stuff.

  • A page listing all mods included in Tekkit
    • A page for each mod describing all the stuff it adds to the game. I, personally, find it hard sometimes to keep track of what's going on in-game and think this would benfit everyone.
  • Pictures to pages that don't have them. Make sure the picture you upload shows exactly what the block/item/whatever does/is used for/whatever. (Maybe add a sublist here of all relevant pages). Includes the little grid pictures for the recipes.
  • Make any links regarding Vanilla blocks/items/whatevers redirect to their respective minecraft wiki page (if possible).
  • Rewrite copied texts from other wikis and take own pictures
  • Remove unreasonable pages, such as "how to get though a force field"

That's all I can come up with right now.

Again, add stuff to this page and try to do stuff listed here so we can mark it off.

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