A Tank, introduced by BuildCraft, is used to store liquids, such as Water, Lava, Fuel, and Oil. One tank block can hold up to 16 buckets of liquid. Tanks placed next to each other will not be connected. However, while placed on top of each other, they will link together and function as a single larger tank. If a tank runs out of storage space, another tank can be connected underneath the existing tank to increase the capacity.

Destroying a tank that is storing a substance deletes the substance inside.

Liquids transported by Waterproof Pipes can be deposited into the tank. Liquids can also be extracted from the Tank using Wooden Waterproof Pipes connected to an Engine or to an Energy Link, if you want to use EU. Liquids can also be exchanged with a Bucket.

When filling stacked Tanks with waterproof pipes, they will fill the entire stack, regardless of the pipe's location relative to the top or bottom of the stack.

Tanks are particularly useful when you want to store large amounts of fluids for later use. Their large capacity makes them a good container for Oil and Water, which are used by Combustion Engines.

Note that tanks have a number of odd things can happen when you use multiple tanks in a sequence without Iron Pipes. Liquid can move from one tank to another through the input or output pipe. sometimes it will get stuck in a loop and be pumping from one tank to the other and back the other side.


Crafting GUI.png










EMC value: 8

Video Tutorial

Tank - Buildcraft In Minutes00:37

Tank - Buildcraft In Minutes

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Tank04:29

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Tank

Technic Tutorials 2402:21

Technic Tutorials 24. BuildCraft Tank


  • A single tank/tank stack cannot hold multiple types of liquids at the same time.
  • Tanks make for somewhat more efficient form of storage than a chest full of liquids in buckets. While a single normal chest can hold up to 27 buckets of liquid, to do so, 71 Iron Ingots will have to be used for buckets. However, while the Tank holds 11 fewer buckets of liquid, the tank does not require one bucket per liquid to keep it stored, saving over a stack of Iron ingots.
  • If a tank is being filled by a pump, the pump will not automatically stop pumping when the tank is full. Instead, the pipes will stay full of liquid and the engines will start overheating quickly, or the liquid will overflow into any connected pipes. This could be used to filter liquids without extra engines, or quickly bring Redstone Engines to maximum efficiency.

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