Frame machine

A few Support Frames connected to Frame Motors.

Support Frame can be used with Frame Motor to move smaller structures and even build airships or similar flying or moving machines.

They can be used to create contraptions such as bridges. Note that when joined to a block that is being blocked in any way by another block, the frame motor won't be able to move them. To stop this, place a Cover of any kind and the support frame will then 'ignore' that side. Also, you can transport items via support frames - any block touching the support frame would be moved, except other Frame Motors with their moving side touching the support frame itself or any redpower machine (such as deployers or block breakers) facing the support frame.

To place things like solar panels or bundled cables on a support frame and not have them dislodged when the support frame moves, use Panels. While items like these can be placed on a cover, they will not stick when the support frame is moved.


  • While chests and iron chests can be moved by support frames, Energy Condensers may crash the game. Use with caution. Ender chests appear to work fine though, so a safe system of item supply is still quite possible.
  • Support frames can grab forcefield blocks.
  • A forcefield projector can move on frames, but the forcefield blocks projected will remain in the same place. This means a forcefield does not necessarily need its projector to be in the same area(will reset once turned off and on).
  • IC2 power items work fine on moving frames(MFSU, Nuclear Reactor, Generator, etc.)
  • BuildCraft tubes will be moved, but they seem to lose their usefulness once moved and become invisible (this needs further verification).
  • The limit for the amount of frames you can move with one motor is 999 by default, but this can be changed in the redpower config file.


Crafting GUI.png





Brass Ingot





Support Frame


ESG - Tekkit Red Power 2 Frame Door Tutorial16:58

ESG - Tekkit Red Power 2 Frame Door Tutorial

Tutorial Redpower frames and engines22:47

Tutorial Redpower frames and engines

Tutorial Redpower omnidirectional frame control33:11

Tutorial Redpower omnidirectional frame control

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