Stickreed ready to be harvested for Sticky Resin.


Reed on the left, Stickreed on the right. Notice the orange specks on the Stickreed.

Stickreed is the only Tier 4 Crop in Industrial Craft 2 (Tiers range from 1-8). It can only be obtained through Cross Breeding. During its first three stages of growth it is identical to Reed. Upon maturing, it has small orange specks of color to help distinguish it from Reed. It is the best Crop to breed for stats, as it has an incredibly fast growth rate.

When harvested at full growth it has a chance of dropping one or more Sticky resin as well as a Seed Bag. If harvested once more, its growth cycle resets and sugar cane is harvested. When harvested prior to full growth it has a chance of dropping Sticky Resin, but will still yield a Sugar Cane and a Seed Bag.

Recommended cross-breeding combinations: Reed + Reed, Wheat + Reed

Stickreed Growth Stages

Stickreed Growth Stages

Stickreed Growth Stages

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