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Single-Use Battery
Single-Use Battery
Stackable Yes(64)
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

The Single-Use Battery can store up to 1000 EU. That's 9000 EU less than the RE Battery, and you can't recharge them. However, they are much easier to produce in quantities and are easier to transport. TIP: Making RE Batteries is a bit more efficient for charging items; single use batteries have better storage though. Using Not Enough Items, you can't take a full stack of them (64). Note that unlike most low voltage EU storage devices, they can be put into an MFE. So, if you are high level and need something to do with all that coal, I would recomend this. (It's also more efficient than Generators)




1,000 (per battery)


• Single-Use Batteries are not very efficient; an RE-Battery is more efficient because it isn't destroyed in the process of giving you EU. However, Single-Use Batteries are good for adventure maps where the player has a limited amount of energy in their possession.

• Single-Use Batteries are good if you have some leftover material, and want to get rid of it.

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