The Sickle is a tool from the RedPower2 mod used for cutting plants. The Sickle harvests crops in a 5x5 area and works on most plants, such as wheat, flax, lily pads, tall grass and Mushrooms. However, the Sickle does not work on sugar cane or cacti.

Like the Vanilla Minecraft tools, the Sickle can be made of any material used for tools (Wooden Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot and Diamond) with the new addition of the Gems which can also be used.

It should be noted that the sickle harvests ALL crops within the 5x5 area. This means it is possible to accidentally destroy large areas of ungrown crops when only intending to remove a single plant.


Recipe sickle

​Video Tutorials

Sickle Tutorial Tekkit01:04

Sickle Tutorial Tekkit

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