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A Seed Bag dropped after harvesting Roses in a Crop.

A Seed Bag is sometimes dropped when harvesting a plant grown on a Crop. The Seed Bag contains a seed of the plant harvested, and can only be replanted on another Crop.

To determine the Growth, Gain, and Resistance qualities of the seed, the Seed Bag must be placed in the Cropnalyzer. A Cropnalyzer may also be needed to identify what type of plant it came from, if the harvested plant was not previously identified. In those instances the name of the Seed Bag will be "Unknown" until analyzed.

Seed Bags are only dropped by plants in Crops and can be used in Cross Breeding.


Unknown Seed Bag which must be identified with a Cropnalyzer


An identified Seed Bag.


  • When you break a chest containing seed bags the code breaks and they say "Seed missing data - bug?". Scanning them turns them into weed seeds.
2013-02-24 11.44.05

says seed missing data

2013-02-24 11.44.13

weed seeds

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