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For the RedPower2 Rubber Tree Sapling, see Rubber Tree Sapling (RedPower).

A Rubber Tree Sapling can be obtained by breaking the leaves of Rubber Trees. When placed, it will then will grow within a more or less short time into Rubber trees. Bone Meal can be used to instantly grow a Rubber Tree. Rubber Tree Saplings also can be used as a fuel.



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Rubbertree Sapling

RE Battery (Charged)


Note: This is not a profitable process to obtain rubber. It is suggested to plant some Rubber Trees and then Tap the Sticky Resin on the treetrunks and place it in an Extractor.

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    • My understanding is that the very large rubber trees are the red power 2 ones.  I can confirm that you cannot use bone meal on those.  Howev...
    • Yes, you can use bone meal on the Industrial Craft 2 Rubber Trees. The page has the correct information.

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