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Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 30216
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

Sticky Resin can be converted into Rubber using any Furnace or Extractor. The Extractor is the most efficient method, but it requires a source of electricity, making a furnace your only choice when first starting out. Rubber Wood (both the IndustrialCraft2 and Redpower2 versions) and saplings can also be converted into Rubber using an Extractor, but they yield significantly less Rubber. Rubber is primarily used in the creation of cables as insulation.

Sticky Resin does have an EMC value, and can be condensed and then processed into Rubber. Due to the fact that many, many stacks of rubber are required in order to efficiently produce large quantities of advanced machines, condensing Sticky Resin is by far the best method of obtaining rubber. A single Diamond can be condensed into about 5 stacks of Sticky Resin, which if put into an Extractor (better yet, a Centrifuge Extractor at 7500 RPM), will yield over 15 stacks of Rubber. To give an idea of how much Rubber is used, to craft a single MV Solar Array, over 12 stacks of rubber are required.



Copper Cable

Gold Cable

HV Cable

Jetpack Fueller

Rubber Sheet

Rubber Boots

Video TutorialEdit

DJ&Riggaz Rubber - The Basics (McDiscoStick) 07:23

DJ&Riggaz Rubber - The Basics (McDiscoStick)


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