The Rotary Macerator is an upgraded version of the Macerator. It is very efficient at macerating items when its RPM is high, but much less efficient than a regular Macerator at low RPM. RPM increases while macerating items or receiving a Redstone current, like with the other Advanced Machines. 7500 RPM is the maximum RPM without Overclocker Upgrades. RPM will quickly drop to 0 when it stops macerating and is not receiving a redstone signal.

The Rotary Macerator has 2 input slots for various items.

  • The second input slot is meant for modifiers. Modifiers and their effects are:
  • Modifiers that work with ores also work with ingots.

The Rotary Macerator will accept up to 32 EU/t, before exploding. Meaning, if the voltage in the line that it is connected to has higher voltage than it can receive, it will explode. So if you plan on powering it with MV (128 EU/t) or HV (512 EU/t), you will need to add Transformers (LV Transformer for MV, MV Transformer and LV Transformer for HV) to the circuit or Transformer Upgrades (1 for MV, 2 for HV) for use.

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 8.16.09 AM

A rotary macerator GUI

In combination with BuildCraft, one can fill the Rotary Macerator with a pipe connecting to the top of it, and retrieve the dust with a Wooden Pipe from the side or bottom. Or with RedPower2, you can connect it with a Pneumatic Tube or a  Redstone Tube to the top and retrieve the dust from the back with either a Filter, Transposer or a Retriever.

Rotary Macerator ≈ 11,124 EMC


Crafting GUI.png

Refined Iron

Refined Iron

Refined Iron

Refined Iron


Advanced Machine Block

Refined Iron

Refined Iron

Refined Iron

Rotary Macerator

Materials Needed:

2 Cobblestone

3 Flint

23 Refined Iron

2 Redstone

6 Rubber

9 Copper

16 Coal

5 Tin

3 Bronze


Input 3 EU/t (while operating OR while maintaining RPM)
Output None
Storage 5000
Speed 16 Ticks/Operation at 7500 RPM

Maximum input:32 EU/t before exploding. (Low Voltage with no Transformer Upgrades or Transformers)

The Rotary Macerator processes a stack of items in about 50 seconds, for a rough total of 3000 EU used per stack.

Infinite EMC

When Bones or Blaze Rods are put in any Macerator they produce 5 of Bone Meal and Blaze Powder, respectively. Meaning, that if you recycle one of the two items back into Bones or Blaze Rods you can repeat the process for a profit of EMC. Three videos have been provided for you to follow if you need help setting up your own looping system. The videos on the left are using Red Power while the video on the right is using Build Craft.

Blaze Rod Farm-Redpower-Ed's EMC Warehouse06:54

Blaze Rod Farm-Redpower-Ed's EMC Warehouse

Tekkit Classic - Megalith Tutorial Series - Part Six - High Speed Red Matter Power-plant17:44

Tekkit Classic - Megalith Tutorial Series - Part Six - High Speed Red Matter Power-plant

Tekkit Tutorial - Infinate EMC15:58

Tekkit Tutorial - Infinate EMC


Adding one increases the maximum RPM by 500, making the maximum 10,500 RPM with 6 Overclocker upgrades. Adding a seventh Overclocker upgrade will not reach 11,000 RPM, instead will jump up to 10,800 RPM then fluctuate rapidly increasing and decreasing. Note: adding 2 stacks of Energy Storage Upgrades will increase the Maximum RPM to 16,500 with 18 Overclocker Upgrades. However, by Macerating Nether Redstone Ore (which fully charges the Macerator every time it is Macerated) with 3 stacks of Energy Storage Upgrades, you can add up to 22 Overclocker Upgrades, increasing the maximum RPM to 18,500.

Note: When applying overclockers past the number of 16, it may drain the power out of the Rotary Macerator and start to rapidly decrease in RPM (Sometimes jumping to above 20,000 RPM before starting to drain), however while this may happen, the macerator will soon catch up with itself and jump up.

Note: If you surround the Rotary Macerator with MFSU's (Making for the fastest power delivery method) that are fully charged, you can slowly increase the number of overclockers to 20, afterwards the Rotary Macerator will drop down to 0 RPM and seems unable to raise back up. Of course this requires 2 Transformer Upgrades reducing the amount of Energy Storage Upgrades to just 2 stacks, with slots left for transformer upgrades.

Note: When using the rotary macerator, it cannot produce faster than 1 item per tick, meaning that anything past 16 overclocker upgrades gains no extra benefit to the actual speed of the Rotary Macerator.

Removal & Recovery

There are several ways of removing and recovering a Rotary Macerator with varying degrees of success.

  • By hand - Destroys block 100% of the time
  • By Pickaxe - Destroys Macerator, returns a Machine Block 100% of the time.
  • By Bronze Wrench or Electric Wrench in normal mode - Recovers Rotary Macerator 80% of the time, returns a Machine Block 20% of the time.
  • By Electric Wrench in loss-less mode - Returns Rotary Macerator 100% of the time.


  • Once the Rotary Macerator input is full and items are still being piped into it, the excess items will be placed in the lower slot.

Video Tutorials

TekkitSpec - Rotary Macerator02:50

TekkitSpec - Rotary Macerator

How to Tekkit - Advanced Machines and Insertion Pipes19:12

How to Tekkit - Advanced Machines and Insertion Pipes

Minecraft Technic Part 23 The Rotary Macerator and the Induction Furnace!10:37

Minecraft Technic Part 23 The Rotary Macerator and the Induction Furnace!

Tekkit Tutorials - IC2 7 - Advanced Machines03:36

Tekkit Tutorials - IC2 7 - Advanced Machines

Tekkit Classic - Megalith Tutorial Series - Part Six - High Speed Red Matter Power-plant17:44

Tekkit Classic - Megalith Tutorial Series - Part Six - High Speed Red Matter Power-plant

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