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The Rednet API provides a simple computer networking model over RedPower Bundled Cables or the Wireless Modem of ComputerCraft 1.3+. With the table below, 'side' refers to a string that represents a side of the computer ("front", "back", "left", "right", "bottom", "top"). All message sent with rednet are and must be strings.


Method name Description Return type Tells the computer that the side can be used for networking. nil
rednet.close(side) Tells the computer that the side can no longer be used for networking. nil
rednet.announce() Broadcasts an empty rednet message. nil
rednet.send(receiverID, message) Sends a message to the computer using the opened sides. The receiver ID is the ID (number, not string) of the computer you're sending the message to. success
rednet.broadcast(message) Sends the message to ALL connected and open computers. success
rednet.receive(timeout) Waits until it received a rednet message or timeout has passed. Leave args empty to wait for a message forever.

senderId, message, distance


Method name Description Parameters
rednet_message Fired when a rednet message is received (can be used as alternative for rednet.receive() senderId, message, distance

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