Red Morningstar
The Red Morning Star is an item in the Equivalent Exchange mod which is a combination of a Red Matter Hammer, Red Matter Pickaxe and Red Matter Shovel and is a Red Matter Omnitool, similarly to the Red Katar. It retains their original abilities while also granting new, powerful functionality. It can also destroy wood-based items at high speed, but does not possess the abilities of a Red Matter Axe

The Morning Star has 4 charge levels. Increasing the charge level by pressing "V" increases the tool's speed and the potency of its special abilities; "Shift-V" decreases.

Right click functions:

  • On Gravel: Mines the entire vein.
  • On Ore: Mines the entire vein. Does not work on nether ores.
  • On Stone: Excavates an area dependent on charge level. Similar to the Red Matter Hammer.
  • On Dirt/Grass/Sand: Excavates a flat area dependent on charge level.

The area excavated when right clicking Stone, Dirt, Grass or Sand is determined by the charge level of the weapon:

Charge Level Stone area Dirt, Grass and Sand area
1 3x3x3 3x3x1
2 5x5x5 5x5x1
3 7x7x7 7x7x1
4 9x9x9 9x9x1

When the functionality is used on Stone, Grass, Dirt or Sand it will excavate everything natural inside the area, not just the selected material. Anything mined with the item (except for the standard 1x block mode) will be bundled in a black ball dropped near your character. Multiple uses of the right click function with close time proximity will eventually incur a long cool-down period. Pressing the Change Mode ('c') key changes the left-click function between standard 1 block, Mega Impact (3x3x1 instant, like an uncharged Destruction Catalyst), 3x tall, 3x wide, and 3x long.

The Red Morningstar does 20 points (10 hearts) of damage, enough to kill an unarmored player in one hit.

The Red Morning Star digs at least 1 snowball when digging snow.


Crafting GUI.png

Red Matter Hammer

Red Matter Shovel

Red Matter

Red Matter Pickaxe

Red Matter

Red Matter

Red Matter

Red Matter

Red Matter

Red Morning Star

1,515,520 (Red Matter Hammer) + 1,974,272 (Red Matter Pickaxe) + 761,856 (Red Matter Shovel) + 6 x 466,944 (Red Matter) = 7,053,312 EMC

Note that this recipe is shapeless.


The Red Morning Star destroys stone and minerals so fast, that most servers will not be able to track you destroying the blocks. In other words, the Red Morning Star works too quickly in most servers to be usable.

Most times the right click functions are banned on SMP because accidents can occur where entire houses get demolished because the user accidentally right clicked their house. Another reason for this item to be banned most of the time is because of the amount of griefing it can potentially provide to a griefer.

Video Tutorial

How to Tekkit - Red Morning Star and Red Katar24:12

How to Tekkit - Red Morning Star and Red Katar

Red Matter Weapons Tutorial Tekkit03:32

Red Matter Weapons Tutorial Tekkit

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