The Red Matter Furnace is a block added by the Equivalent Exchange mod. It is roughly 60 times faster than a standard Furnace and has a total of 12 extra input slots and 12 extra output slots.

When smelting ores, it will always double the output. Dusts, however, are not doubled.  Therefore, the Red Matter Furnace can replace the function of both a Macerator and a Furnace for overworld ores. The Nether Ores page contains the efficiency in a RM furnace of those ores, because you gain nothing by macerating the ores to dusts and then smelting them in the RM Furnace.

NOTE: The EMC cost for the RM Furnace is much higher than the combined EMC values of the macerator, furnace, pipes, and engines that it would take to set up the Macerator & Furnace combo (though EMC is probably not a problem if the player is able to build a Red Matter Furnace). Another thing to consider is that the RM Furnace must either run on fuel or EMC, whereas the macerator and electric furnace must run on EU.

A Red Matter furnace can be powered indefinitely by placing an Energy Collector next to it.

Other than the Dark Matter Furnace (DM Furnace), the Red Matter furnace is the only furnace capable of accepting Alchemic Fuels, such as Alchemical Coal. It can't accept EMC from an Antimatter Relay but can from an Energy Collector placed at the side of it.
Red Matter Furnace ig

A Red Matter Furnace powered by two Energy Collectors.

If a chest or Alchemical Chest is placed adjacent to the Red Matter Furnace, it will place cooked stacks of 64 into the chest automatically. This does not work with chests from the Iron Chests Mod (iron chests, diamond chests, etc.)

However, using BuildCraft or RedPower2 pipes it is possible to pump items from the vanilla chest to one with a larger inventory. Input no longer overflows into the right side. Buildcraft pipes input to the top face, and output from the right face. It does not matter what side you put the collector chest on.

Additionally, alongside the Dark Matter Pedestal, to be one of the most EMC-expensive item in Tekkit, only behind a fully charged Klein Star Omega and an Alchemical Tome.

You can put Red Matter Furnaces in an Energy Condenser to release a huge amount of EMC, making over 20 Red Matter for each furnace used. However, it is suggested to use Red Matter instead, as they are more common and less specialized.

Smelting Chart

Item Description EMC value Amount smelted EMC/smelt
Grid Charcoal Charcoal 32 44 0.727
Grid Coal Coal 128 44 2.909
Grid Alchemical Coal Alchemical Coal 512 177 2.893
Grid Mobius Fuel Mobius Fuel 2048 711 2.880
Grid Aeternalis Fuel Aeternalis Fuel 8192 2908 2.817


Crafting GUI.png

Red Matter Block

Red Matter Block

Dark Matter Furnace

Red Matter Block

Red Matter Furnace

Red Matter Furnace Interface

The GUI of the Red Matter Furnace

This is the interface for the RM Furnace. Ores and dusts are placed in the left inventory, and moved to the right inventory when completed (or placed into an adjacent chest). The fuel is placed in the slot with the faded image of Aeternalis Fuel (you will not need fuel if you are using Energy Collectors to power the furnace).


There is a duplication glitch in which if a player places an item into the lower right box in their inventory, then shift clicks, the itemstack will double, if not turns into a full stack of the shift-clicked item.

Video Tutorials

TEKKIT Tutorial Furnaces Read desc12:51

TEKKIT Tutorial Furnaces Read desc. for more information-0

Red Matter Furnace Tutorial Tekkit01:39

Red Matter Furnace Tutorial Tekkit

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