The Red Katar is one of the Red Matter omnitools. It combines the functions of the Red Matter Sword, Red Matter Hoe, Red Matter Axe and Red Matter Shears.

Red Matter Omni-Tools have 4 charge levels, increasing tool left click speed by a factor of its charge and increasing the effectiveness of all tool abilities (damage, AoE and speed) by a factor. Pressing V will charge the Red Katar


  • Left click on a sheep or mooshroom - shears the animal, and has a small chance of cloning the animal. This will turn mooshrooms into cows.
  • Right click on a tree - Breaks all wood blocks in the area of the right-clicked block.
  • Right click on leaves - Shears all leaf blocks in the area of the right-clicked block, dropping them as items.
  • Right click on grass - Tills all dirt in the area of effect.
  • [Release Charge] on an entity - Area of Effect death swing. In the Nether, this function will kill all zombie pigmen in a spawn "pod" regardless of the distance individual pigmen are from each other.
  • Pressing the [Change Mode] button will change the mode of the death swing between Slay-All and Slay-Agro.

When the Red Katar is used as a sword it deals 11.5 hearts of damage.

There is a known glitch where if you right click on a block that has no abilities, other players in SMP will see you blocking with the red katar until you switch it out.

When attacking a sheep, it deals very low damage, because it automatically uses the shear function. This can be fixed by using AoE. Alternatively, the Red Morning Star will usually kill them in one hit.

Note that when using the AoE ability for the Katar, you may cause the game to lag/crash, so please use caution when doing so.


Crafting GUI.png

Red Matter Shears

Red Matter Sword

Red Matter

Red Matter Axe

Red Matter Hoe

Red Matter

Red Matter

Red Matter

Red Matter

Red Katar

The recipe will need a red matter sword, shears, axe and hoe. You will also need five extra red matter.

The tools do not have to be in this order. It is a shapeless recipe.

Video Tutorials

Red Matter Weapons Tutorial Tekkit03:32

Red Matter Weapons Tutorial Tekkit

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How to Tekkit - Red Morning Star and Red Katar

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Tekkit with Duncan - Part 57 - Tooling up!

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