Rs latch sample

The two sides connected to Timers are inputs and the two sides with just wire are outputs.

An RS Latch is a RedPower2 Logic circuit that is basically an automatic lever that is toggled with a Redstone signal instead of manually. The sides with torches are the outputs and the other two sides are inputs/outputs. Either a constant Redstone signal or just a pulse will toggle the RS Latch to an on state and will remain in that state until the other input receives a constant signal or pulse. The outputs are always in the opposite state of each other.

At least one side is always outputting a signal. If the opposite side receives a pulse, the latch flips and starts outputing on that side and the original output side is now the new input. Also known as a 1-bit counter. Useful for turning a single pulse into a continuous signal.

Said another way, when the input receives a signal, that same input becomes an output for the signal as well. For example, a Timer connected to an input that is off will rotate for its timed duration and pulse a signal, activating the RS Latch. The path the signal used will now remain on (as well as its corresponding output) because that input became an output, which supplies the Timer with a signal that will stop it. To have the Timer start again requires a signal to the other input of the RS Latch. So, to have the Timer continue working without interruption, a Repeater can be used (which will only allow a one-way signal) placed facing away from the Timer. The picture (right) shows a RS Latch connected to two Timers to create a timed delay.  The one on the right has a Repeater/Diode in the path to prevent feedback to the Timer.

If you turn on both inputs at the same time this device will burn out.

Use a Screwdriver or Sonic Screwdriver to rotate the RS Latch.


Crafting GUI.png

Stone Wire

Stone Cathode

Stone Anode

Stone Wire

Stone Wafer

Stone Wire

Stone Anode

Stone Cathode

Stone Wire

RS Latch

Video Tutorial

Technic Tutorials 9902:32

Technic Tutorials 99. RS Latch


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