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The Quantum Leggings.
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QuantumSuit Leggings are a type of armor introduced in Industrial Craft 2. They are extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive, having two Iridium Plates as one of their components. Charged Leggings allow the user to sprint extremely fast (Approximately 3.4 times faster) Until discharged. To activate the Quantum-Suit's special abilities, start sprinting while holding Control. (Note: this is also the default zoom button.)


Machine Block

Iridium Plate

Glowstone Dust

Lapotron Crystal

Nano Leggings

Machine Block

Iridium Plate

Glowstone Dust

Quantum Leggings

Raw MaterialsEdit

2 Glowstone Dust

30 Refined Iron

6 Lapis Lazuli

20 Redstone

6 Copper

12 Rubber

4 Diamond

56 UU Matter

12 Bronze

12 Tin

48 Coal


The Quantum Armor Leggings, like all other pieces of Quantum Armor, store up to 1 million EU, and can only be recharged in an MFSU, HV Solar Array, or a 3rd tier Charging Bench.

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