Quantum Boots

The Quantum Boots.

The QuantumSuit Boots are a type of armor introduced by IndustrialCraft. They are extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive, requiring two Iridium Plates for crafting. Charged Boots allow the user to jump extremely high (up to 9 blocks up) when pressing the 'Boost' key (defaults to ctrl) while jumping, and prevent almost all fall damage (extremely high falls still cause death). Like the rest of the Quantum Armor it does this by reducing the stored EU before hurting the player, technically creating a forcefield of EU.

The QuantumSuit Boots, like all other pieces of the QuantumSuit, store up to 1,000,000 EU, and can only be charged in an MFSU, HV Solar Array or Charging Bench MK3. Because of the vast quantity of EU able to be stored by the QuantumSuit Boots, it makes it close to impossible for it to run out of charge (unless fall damage from extreme heights is taken), much like the rest of the QuantumSuit Armour (excluding the Quantum Helmet due to large amount of power being used to keep the player from starving or drowning). When you press the CTRL button with charged Quantum Boots you will be able to jump higher.


Crafting GUI.png

Iridium Plate

Rubber Boots

Nano Boots

Lapotron Crystal

Iridium Plate

Rubber Boots

Quantum Boots

18 Rubber

2 Wool

32 Coal

4 Diamonds

36 Redstone

56 UU-Matter

6 Lapis Lazuli

14 Refined Iron

6 Copper

12 Tin

12 Bronze

Video Tutorial

How to Tekkit - Nano and Quantum Armor08:09

How to Tekkit - Nano and Quantum Armor

Tutorial Quantumsuit07:05

Tutorial Quantumsuit

Tekkit with Duncan - Part 58 - Fabricating an Upgrade15:34

Tekkit with Duncan - Part 58 - Fabricating an Upgrade

Tekkit with Duncan - Part 28 - Quantum Armour!15:56

Tekkit with Duncan - Part 28 - Quantum Armour!

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