The QuantumSuit Body Armor is a type of armor part of IC2. It, along with its QuantumSuit counterparts, is the strongest armor in the game next to Infernal Armor from EE2. When charged, it protects the player from virtually all damage. The QuantumSuit Bodyarmor, like all other pieces of the QuantumSuit, can store up to 1,000,000 EU, and can only be recharged in a MFS Unit, HV Solar Array or a Charging Bench MK3.


Crafting GUI.png










Quantum Body Armor

List of Raw Materials
UU-Matter}} 112 UU-Matter
Diamond}} 8 Diamond
Coal}} 152 Coal
Lapis Lazuli}} 28 Lapis Lazuli
Refined Iron}} 26 Refined Iron
Copper}} 30 Copper
Bronze}} 69 Bronze
Tin}} 69 Tin
Rubber}} 60 Rubber
Redstone}} 82 Redstone
Glass}} 8 Glass
Wool}} 2 Wool
Glowstone Dust}} 6 Glowstone Dust

Roughly 500,000 EMC given that 1 uu matter is worth 2048 emc/each (Highest yield with glowstone crafting)

Video Tutorials

How to Tekkit - Nano and Quantum Armor08:09

How to Tekkit - Nano and Quantum Armor

Tutorial Quantumsuit07:05

Tutorial Quantumsuit

Minecraft Technic Part 26 Quantum Armor & Making Loads Of UU-Matter!18:16

Minecraft Technic Part 26 Quantum Armor & Making Loads Of UU-Matter!

ESG - Tekkit UU-Matter Quantum Armour Tutorial09:03

ESG - Tekkit UU-Matter Quantum Armour Tutorial

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