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Red Power 2 - Pneumatic Tube Tutorial
Type RedPower Machines
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 136:2048
EMC Value 16.25
Mod Included RedPower2

The use of RedPower 2 Pneumatic Tubes is the dominant item transfer method in RedPower2. These have automatic internal routing; sending items to the closest valid destination. Valid destinations are any block with an inventory, such as Chests, Deployers, and Furnaces. If an inventory fills up and cannot accept any more items, it will cease to be a valid destination and items will be sent to the next valid destination. If no valid destinations exist, the tube will bounce back the items into the sender, (for example a Sorting Machine) and will no longer send.

Items without a valid destination will bounce around in the Pneumatic Tubes until one becomes available. Items are most commonly supplied to the tubes using Filters, Transposers, Sorting Machines, and Block Breakers.

One way to set up a Pneumatic Tube line is to place a chest then have a Filter or a transposer facing the same direction. Next have a Pneumatic Tube coming out the back of the filter going into a Chest somewhere else. Lastly have a Timer or Lever beside the Filter.

Common Pneumatic

Common Pneumatic Setup

Also, according to experiments, if the tubes has two or more valid destinations, the items sent through tend to go to the nearest destination from the split of the tube first, unlike BuildCraft Pipes, which halves the item quantity that goes through it, regardless of the distance. So Pneumatic Tubes must be used with caution, for this could ruin various  tube systems. To solve this problem, each destination must have a seperate tube system, or the destination must be equal in distance from the split of the tubes.


Crafting GUI.png

Brass Ingot


Brass Ingot

Pneumatic Tube



Redstone Tube

Pneumatic tubes sample01

Pneumatic Tube network for Macerators and Furnaces.

Crafting GUI.png

Pneumatic Tube


Redstone Tube

Restriction Tube

Crafting GUI.png

Pneumatic Tube

Iron Ingot

Restriction Tube

More InfoEdit

  • You could create an "Adapter" to change Pneumatic Tubes to BuildCraft Pipes by connecting the tube to a chest as an input, and having pipes coming out another side of the chest powered by an Engine.
  • Although they appear to, Pneumatic Tubes don't connect to BuildCraft Pipes, so separation is unnecessary.
  • Pneumatic Tubes cannot supply or request items from the Buildcraft Automatic Crafting Table. Instead you must use an Automatic Crafting Table Mk II. (As of 3.1.3 this appears to no longer be the case.  Currently loading the standard AC Table via Tubes and Pipes at the same time.)
  • Items travel faster through Pneumatic Tubes than BC Transport Pipes. Items passing through a BC Golden Transport Pipe will move faster than through Tubes but progressively slow down once reaching Stone or Cobblestone Pipes. The movement speed through Pneumatic Tubes does not slow down.

Video TutorialEdit

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