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The Personal Safe is a secure alternative to all other types of Chests. Personal Safes can only be broken or accessed by the safe owner or an operator (OP). They have twice the space of a single wooden chest, which is 54 slots. This is the same as an Iron Chest.

When a Personal Safe is first placed, it is un-owned until a player accesses it. The first player to access the safe is recorded as the safe's owner.

To destroy a Personal Safe, you must first empty it and right-click with a Wrench or Electric Wrench.

A key feature of the Personal Safe is that it can only be destroyed by its owner or an operator. The safe is also resistant to any explosion, including that of a Nuke. It is not advised to use this to nuke proof your house, as the blast penetrates through it, damaging all that it normally would. The personal safe is a key component on public servers, as it provides the most secure way to store items without the fear of them getting lost without the need for an anti-griefing plugin.

Note: pipes and engines cannot access the items inside of the safe or place items. On servers with anti-griefing plugins, people still can pump items from a normal wooden chest. Also note, on some servers Mining Turtles can be used to destroy Personal Safes.

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Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Alle Truhen erklärt 04:06

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Alle Truhen erklärt

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