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Name Painter
Type Tool
Luminance No
Stackable No
Data Value dec:30170
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

The Painter is used for painting Wool, Sheep and cured Construction Foam. It can also be used on Insulated Wire and Cables to color code them and keep them from connecting. It is not for use with Pneumatic Tubes. To paint Pneumatic Tubes you will need a Paint Brush and Paint Can, which are part of the RedPower2 Mod.

Placing a Painter and a Talisman of Repair inside an Alchemical Chest will repair a used painter.


Painter + DyeEdit

This works with any of the many Dyes


While holding the painter with the desired color, right click the wool, CF block or wire to change its color. Each dye on the painter lasts for 32 blocks.

Note that a coloured wire may still connect to an uncoloured wire. To make sure the wires don't connect, paint them both with different colours. Also, a painter will not work on any uninsulated metal cable such as Ultra-Low-Current Cable etc, however Glass Fibre Cable can be painted.

Picture Gallery Edit

Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 16 02:26

Technic Tutorials 16. Painter

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