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One full MFE, containing 600,000 EU, will produce 12 buckets of Oil.

The Oil Fabricator is used to generate Oil which can be pumped into Tanks, Refineries, or Combustion Engines. Each bucket of oil produced requires 50,000 EU. If you refine this Oil into Fuel, it will generate much more MJ than Oil would. An Oil Fabricator consumes 250 EU/t to produce a bucket of Oil every 10 seconds, 5x faster than a Refinery can produce Fuel from Oil, hence, use no more than 1 Oil Fabricator every 5 Refineries.


Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Alloy


Advanced Alloy

Diamond Gear


Mass Fabricator

Advanced Alloy


Advanced Alloy

Oil Fabricator


Oil can also be used as an energy source. A Combustion Engine running on Fuel connected to an Engine Generator will give you enough Oil (~10 Buckets) to power the Engine itself and a fully running Refinery.

It does not require a Wooden Waterproof Pipe to output oil, though the pipe must be attached to the side of the oil fabricator for it to work. Alternatively it will pump Oil directly into a Tank if the tanks are placed on top of or placed adjacent to the oil fabricator (no pipes or engines needed).

The oil fabricator also makes oil completely renewable, an extremely useful feature when powering quarries.


While the Oil Fabricator will use up 250 EU/t if you let it, you will often need MUCH less than this to keep up with your engines. The table below shows the EU/t needed to keep up with combustion engines. Based on the table this means that a single Oil Fabricator can handle up to 217 Combustion Engines all running fuel.

Fueled By

Bucket per hour used

Bucket per tick

EU/t for Oil Fab
Oil 6.54 buckets 0.0000908333~ buckets 4.505333~ EU/t
Fuel 1.26 buckets 0.0000175 buckets 0.868 EU/t

Raw Materials

EMC value Quantity Component name
16 *2 Tank
964 *1 TNT
9204 *4 Advanced Alloy
36,470 1 Mass Fabricator
42,004 1 Diamond Gear
88,658 equal to 10.38 Diamonds
Item Name Quantity EMC Value
          Iron        42       10,752
          Tin        18        4,608
       Copper        30        2,550
        Sand        20          20
   Gunpowder         5         960
        Wood         2          16
   Cobblestone         4           4
         Gold         4        8,192
      Diamond         6       49,152
     Glowstone         8        3,072
       Rubber        24      576(192)
      Redstone        32        2,048
        Lapis        16       13,824

Video Tutorials

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Oil Fabricator02:21

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Oil Fabricator

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Tekkit Item Tutorials Oil Fabricator

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TEKKIT Mintorials Oil Fabricator

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Oil Fabricator Tutorial Tekkit

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