The Monitor for RedPower2 provides a display along with keyboard input to a Central Processing Unit. To use it: place it next to a CPU, and attach a Disk Drive to the CPU and put a FORTH Boot Disk into the disk drive. Then start the computer up via the CPU and then you can open up the Monitor, where you can then enter commands. To extend the RAM of the computer, 8K RAM Modules can be used directly behind the CPU, but must be placed on Backplanes. A maximum of 7 RAM Modules can be added, creating a total of 64K of RAM, including the 8K already on the CPU. 

Note: it is possible to have the CPU, Monitor and Disk Drive in different places, but Ribbon Cable must be used between them in order for the connection to work.


Crafting GUI.png




Wooden Planks

Lime Lumar

Ribbon Cable

Wooden Planks

Red-Doped Wafer

Wooden Planks

Monitor (RedPower)

Note: You must use Lime Lumar in order for the recipe to work.


Coding on the Monitor is set by default to FORTH code.

In order to send a signal to redstone cables, Ribbon Cable must be used to connect the CPU to an IO Expander. Bundled Cable must then lead from the IO Expander to any form of Insulated Wire. The different colours of wire are coded differently on the computer. These are shown in the table below.

Insulated Cable FORTH Coding
Colour Number
White 1
Orange 2
Magenta 4
Light Blue 8
Yellow 16
Lime 32
Pink 64
Gray 128
Light Gray 256
Cyan 512
Purple 1024
Blue 2048
Brown 4096
Green 8192
Red 16384
Black 32768

Because FORTH is a stacked coding program, you simply need to add the numbers together to get 2 or more colours on at once. For example, a signal through all the colours at once would be via the number 65535, as this is all 16 possibilities added together.

  • For the actual coding, to stop all current signals and send a signal to a specific set of wires, type:
[number] IOX!
  • To stop all signals, type
0 IOX!
  • To receive a signal from the IO Expander type:
  • To send a signal without affecting all the other current signals type:
[number] IOXSET
  • To stop a signal without affecting other signals type:
[number] IOXRST
  • To create a variable type:
  • To create a constant of a specific value type:
[number] CONSTANT [name]
  • To create a looping program type:
[number1] [number2] DO
Note: this will create a loop which occurs [number1]-[number2] times, so if n1 is 10, and n2 is 5, the loop will occur 10-5 times, which is 5.
  • Words in the program are very important, some already exist and can be found by typing WORDS into the monitor and pressing enter. To create new words type:
 : [new word] [what the word will do, could be a program or IOX from above] ;
Note: to use a word, simply type it into a new line and press enter.

You can also save your computer's memory onto a blank Floppy Disk by removing the FORTH Boot Disk, inserting a blank Floppy Disk and typing:

SAVE" [name disk]"

This Floppy Disk will now be named to your specifications and can be taken and used in any other RedPower2 computer.

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