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The Melee Turtle is a Turtle specialized for fighting, from the mod ComputerCraft. It gives the highest damage of all turtles,  dealing 10 hit points of damage (5 hearts). Like all Turtles, it can run programs from disk drives, and wireless computers.

When a mob is killed by a Melee Turtle, the turtle will collect the loot (such as Rotten Meat, Bones, and Gunpowder), but will not take the experience orbs (which still are dropped). Melee Turtles can be used as an alternative to Iron Golems, as they can perform the same functions. The attack command is turtle.attack(), although this might not be the program.

Turtles cannot attack Ender Dragons (tested).

The Melee Turtle can still do functions that a regular turtle can do, such as displaying text, dropping/picking up items, and interacting through the RedNet. Some functions work well with its melee ability, such as dumping mob drops into a chest or sorting system.

It can be upgraded to Crafty Melee Turtle or Wireless Melee Turtle.


Crafting GUI.png


Diamond Sword

Melee Turtle


Wireless Melee Turtle

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