The Magnetizer can be used to turn Iron Fences stacked onto one another into a powerful alternative to a normal ladder. Upon powering the Magnetizer, it idles without consuming any EU. If you have Static Boots or metal shoes (Iron, Gold, Chain, Bronze, Nano or Quantum) and touch the magentized Iron Fences, you will be propelled upwards. However, in SMP you are not always propelled upwards. Sometimes you will simply have your fall decelerated. (Tested on a server while wearing Quantum with a BatBox charged with about 35000 EU. In SSP the Magnetizer worked fine)

Iron Fences can be attached both to the bottom and to the top of the Magnetizer. A single Magnetizer can power 20 Fences above it and 20 Fences below it. When fences are attached to both sides of the Magnetizer, they do not affect each other, i.e. a single Magnetizer can serve as a 41 block high elevator (Magnetizer in the middle, 20 Fences up, 20 Fences down).

Protip: A Water Mill supplies the required amount of power, with the advantage of not using any energy while no-one approaches the magnetizer. An infinite spring nearby and a bucket left in the Mill (placed directly beside the magnetizer) can thus power the magnetizer for many cycles before needing to be recharged, making it an efficient solution to power a magnetizer without requiring many cables.

It is coloured greyish-white and looks similar to a machine block or to the old iron block vanilla minecraft texture.

Crafting GUI.png




Iron Fence

Machine Block

Iron Fence






Input 2 EU/t
Output -
Storage 100 + (15 times connected Iron Fences)

Maximum Input: 32 EU/t before exploding.


  • The Magnetizer uses the same old iron block texture that can be found in Minecraft Classic.

Video Tutorial

TekkitSpec Magnetizer04:06

TekkitSpec Magnetizer


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