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Type IC Machines
Tool Grid Wrench (IndustrialCraft)
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 227:2
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

The Multi-Functional Storage Unit, also known as an MFSU, is an IndustrialCraft Energy Storage Device that stores 10,000,000 EU. It accepts a maximum of 512 EU/packet/input face, or HV (High Voltage). It also outputs 512 EU/t, or HV. The MFSU outputs from the side with the orange dot. The position of the orange dot can be changed by right-clicking the desired side with a Wrench (IC2) or an Electric Wrench. In order to dismantle a MFSU, the player should right-click the orange dot with a Wrench. Dismantling a MFSU will result in all of the EU being lost.

It is cautioned that outputting Extreme Voltage (>512 EU/p) into the MFSU will cause the MFSU to blow up. If the player wishes to output EU into the MFSU, it is recommended to use a HV Transformer . Likewise, the MFSU outputs HV. Failing to convert HVinto MV/LV will cause machines MV/LV Machines to blow up. A MV Transformer /LV Transformer should be used.

The MFSU can charge items which store EU, such as the Nano Saber , in the MFSU's top slot. In addition, the MFSU can drain EU from EU Storage Items, such as the Lapotron Crystal, if the item is placed in the MFSU's bottom slot

Like all Industrial Craft energy storage devices, the MFSU has 6 Redstone Behavior settings. They are explained in the section titled "Redstone Behavior". In addition, placing one Redstone Dust in the bottom slot of the MFSU will yield 500 EU.

When a MFSU is right-clicked with an Energy Sensor Kit, it will yield an Energy Sensor Location Card, which can be used in the Industrial Information Panel to receive constant information about that MFSU.

Interestingly, there are only five machines which can directly take power from an MFSU without transformer upgrades. They are:


Lapotron Crystal

Lapotron Crystal

Lapotron Crystal

Advanced Circuit

MFE Unit

Advanced Machine Block

Lapotron Crystal

Lapotron Crystal

Lapotron Crystal


Raw Materials Needed
10 Diamond Diamond
32 Grid Refined Iron Refined Iron
110 Grid Redstone Dust Redstone Dust
38 Grid Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli
2 Grid Glowstone Dust Glowstone Dust
39 Grid Copper Copper
3 Grid Gold Gold
3 Grid Bronze Bronze
3 Grid Tin Tin
16 Grid Coal Coal
86 Grid Rubber Rubber

Total EMC = 146528 = 17.9 Diamonds (8192 EMC)

Redstone BehaviorEdit

Redstone Behavior
Behavior What will happen
Emit if full Emits a Redstone signal on all sides when full.
Emit if partially filled Emits a Redstone signal on all sides when the stored EU is between 0 and 10 Million EU.
Emit if empty Emits a redstone signal on all sides when the stored EU is less than 540.
Do not output energy When a Redstone current is supplied, it will NOT output any EU. 
Do not output energy unless full When a Redstone signal is received, it will not output any EU until the charge level is at maximum.
Nothing (Default on placement)

The MFS Unit will not react to any kind of Redstone current.


  • There are occasions that machines using the MFSU's power will continue to use power, even after the cabling is cut. Though, the MFSU does not lose EU. Logging off then back on again should fix the problem.

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