Lumar is an item added by RedPower that serves as the prime ingredient in crafting Lamps. It can be crafted using every Dye for a large range of Lamp colors. For example; the blue lumar can be crafted using either Lapis Lazuli or Indigo Dye. Noting that Indigo Dye is easier to obtain and much more EMC-friendly. There are 16 different colour options. These are White, Orange, Magenta, Light Blue, Yellow, Lime, Pink, Gray, Light Gray, Cyan, Purple, Blue, Brown, Green, Red and Black. Don't forget: The colour of the lumar only affects the colour of the lamp, not the light it displays, so really lamps are only used for decoration.





Crafting GUI.png




Wooden Planks

Lime Lumar

Ribbon Cable

Wooden Planks

Red-Doped Wafer

Wooden Planks

Monitor (RedPower)

Note: You must use Lime Lumar in order for the recipe to work.

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