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The Lava Fabricator is used to generate lava which can be pumped into Combustion Engines or Tanks for later use. It is crafted from a Mass Fabricator.

It accepts a maximum of 250 EU/t, and uses 55,000 EU per bucket of lava produc​ed.

Because a Geothermal Generator produces 20,000 EU per lava bucket fed into it, it is inadvisable to set up a lava power plant using lava fabricators and geothermal generators. However, This can be a useful way to generate EMC, if you have a system which can automatically fill cells and take them to an Energy Condenser

One HV Solar Array, producing 512 EU/t, can power two of these. However, each individual fabricator cannot take the full 512 EU/t, so in order to use the solar array as a power source, you must find a way to split the power between the two fabricators.2012-11-26 11.28.50


Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Alloy


Advanced Alloy

Gold Gear


Mass Fabricator

Advanced Alloy


Advanced Alloy

Lava Fabricator

Video Tutorials

Tekkit Item Tutorials Lava Fabricator02:05

Tekkit Item Tutorials Lava Fabricator

Lava Fabricator Tutorial Tekkit01:32

Lava Fabricator Tutorial Tekkit

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