The Jetpack Fueller is used to fill the Jetpack (not electric) with Fuel. The Jetpack can be anywhere in your inventory, including on your back, and you must be holding the Fueller in your hand. Right click on a Tank with Fuel in it and your Jetpack will be instantly refilled, using about 1/4 of a bucket of Fuel.

Note that it cannot be powered with Oil.


Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Waterproof Pipe



Jetpack Fueller

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    • In the page it says it takes a quarter of a fuel bucket 
    • 100mb=1 Bucket and 1/4 a bucket is 25mb am i right?
  • Jetpack Fueller

    8 messages
    • wrote:Dang doesnt work in tekkit lite D: this is tekkit classic
    • You CAN craft it with a WOODEN waterproof pipe a rubber and a stick -Dave

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