The Igniter is a machine added by the RedPower2 Mod that creates a flame in the front of the block when powered by a redstone source, and extinguishes the flame when in an unpowered state.

The igniter block, just like most other blocks, faces towards the player upon placing it.

The flame produced by the igniter is treated normally, and as such it can be extinguished by other sources. It can also be used to ignite Nether Portals.

The effects from the igniter can be mimicked by putting Flint and Steel in a Deployer, however using the deployer method will eventually break the flint and steel while igniters will not lose durability.

2012-09-04 13.46.36

A self igniting Nether portal.

Usage In Automated Animal Farms

This machine can be a very useful addition to the creation of slaughterhouses. When an animal is killed by fire, it automatically cooks the meat. This makes it much easier to cook food as you don't have to waste coal, fuel, Blutricity or EU to cook food.


Crafting GUI.png




Flint and Steel







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