The HV (High-Voltage) Solar Array is an IC Machine used to generate EU from the sun. It is the equivalent of 512 Solar Panels, 64 LV Solar Arrays, or 8 MV Solar Arrays.

One HV Solar Array produces 512 EU/t, which is 10,240 EU/second. It is a High-Voltage device, so a Glass Fibre Cable or HV Cable may be used to connect the HV Solar Array to an EU Storage device, but Solar Arrays can be placed directly beside or above them with no cable connecting the array to the EU Storage device.

HV Solar Arrays are very difficult to make from raw materials, as the amount of materials required is far beyond available inventory space. The best way to produce these is with an automated factory.

The EMC value of a HV Solar Array is similar to that of about 6 Red Matter.


Crafting GUI.png

MV Solar Array

MV Solar Array

MV Solar Array

MV Solar Array

HV Transformer

MV Solar Array

MV Solar Array

MV Solar Array

MV Solar Array

HV Solar Array

Raw Materials

HV Solar Array resource flow

Resource Flow


Raw Materials Item Name

3082 (48 Stacks + 10)

Grid Redstone Dust Redstone Dust


Diamond Diamond
5193 (81 Stacks + 9) Grid Refined Iron Refined Iron
6 Grid Gold Ingot Gold
3597 (56 Stacks + 13) Grid Copper Copper
256 (4 Stacks) Grid Wooden Planks Wood Planks
1536 (24 Stacks) Grid Glass Glass
2048 (32 Stacks) Grid Tin Tin
1536 (24 Stacks) Grid Coal Dust Coal Dust
6810 (106 Stacks + 26) Grid Rubber Rubber
4096 (64 Stacks) Grid Cobblestone Cobblestone

Video Tutorial

How to Tekkit - MFE, MFSU, and Solar Power11:22

How to Tekkit - MFE, MFSU, and Solar Power

Tekkit Tutorials - IC2 3 - EU Generation09:39

Tekkit Tutorials - IC2 3 - EU Generation

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