The HTTP API must be enabled in mod_ComputerCraft.cfg before being used. To enable it open .minecraft/config/mod_ComputerCraft.cfg and change enableAPI_http=0 to enableAPI_http=1.

The HTTP API allows programs in ComputerCraft to access the Internet from inside Tekkit. This can enable various advanced features, such as programs checking for updates. For security reasons, the HTTP API is disabled by default.

API Features

Method Name Description
http.request( url, *postData ) Sends a HTTP request to a website.
http.get( url ) Sends a HTTP GET request to a website. url, postData ) Sends a HTTP POST request to a website.

A period of time after a http.request() call is made, a "http_success" or "http_failure" event will be raised to os.pullEvent(). Arguments are the URL and a file handle if successful. http.get() blocks until this event is fired.

Enabling HTTP API for ComputerCraft02:05

Enabling HTTP API for ComputerCraft

Enabling the HTTP API

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