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Glowstone Dust

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Glowstone Dust
Glowstone Dust
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 348
EMC Value 384

Glowstone Dust is obtained by destroying Glowstone Blocks, which are only found naturally in the Nether. It can be mined by hand, though it is mined quickest with a sword (however using a sword will deduct two uses from it). Glowstone Dust can also be obtained by putting a Glowstone Block into a Macerator, which will yield 4 Glowstone Dust. This is a better way to obtain Glowstone Dust as opposed to simply breaking a Glowstone Block, as breaking a Glowstone Block by hand does not guarantee the return of 4 Glowstone Dust.


Glowstone Dust can be crafted by the recipe above with Gold Dust and Redstone, but only if it is enabled in the ic2.cfg file (it is a disabled recipe by default).



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Mass Fabricator


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OD Scanner


You may use different Dyes to make Lumar.

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