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The Geothermal Generator produces EU when provided with Lava Buckets or Lava Cells or when connected directly to a lava source - this can be achieved by placing the Geothermal Generator next to a Pump placed above lava, or by using Waterproof Pipes to transport lava from the Pump to the Generator.

Since the IC2 Geothermal Generator now accepts lava from Buildcraft pipes, there is no longer a reason to make a Mk2 Generator, so the crafting recipe has been taken out of newer versions of Tekkit. The block was not removed as to avoid breaking existing worlds, and can still be obtained through NEI or the give command.

You can still enable this in the config file of tekkit. The config file is PowerConverters.cfg. To enable it, look through until you see Enable.GeothermalMk2=false, then change false to true, reboot tekkit, and you should be able to craft it.

EU/t output EU per bucket of lava Buckets of Lava per hour
20 20,000 72 (1 per 50 seconds)

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