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Author: Sir_Vyvin
Credits: Tekkit Classic Community, Sir_Vyvin.
Mod Author: yoskaz01

Other Documents for ccSensors:
SensorModule Help
Sensors API

[Provided AS-IS and not Guaranteed 100% Accurate]
         1: Getting Started
      2: Sensor Controller Information
      3: Sensor Information
      4: Sensor Card Information
      5: Transmitter Card Information
      6: Sensors API
      7: Additional Notes
     SECTION 1 
     Getting started:
     So you want to learn how to use ccSensors?
     First, here's a List of things you will need.
     Items Required: 
     - 1: Computer (ComputerCraft)
     - 1: Sensor controller,
     - 1: Computer Sensor, 
     - 1: Blank Transmitter Card,
     - 1: Any Sensor Card Module.
     Got them? Good, now lets go through setting them up.
     STEP 1 - Place your Computer down, in your Desired Location
     STEP 2 - Place your Sensor Controller down, Directly Adjacent to it.
     "TOUCHING" the Computer, (It can be any of the SIX (6) Sides the Computer has.)
     NOTE: Due to a Bug. The First Time you enter a Sensor Controller you need to be Sneaking Hence the 
     STEP 3 - *SHIFT* Right-Click on the Sensor Controller
     STEP 4 - Click "New"
     STEP 5 - Place the "BLANK TRANSMITTER CARD" into the Slot on the Lower Left Hand side.
     STEP 6 - Click "Encode" then Remove the Encoded Transmitter
     STEP 7 - Place your Sensor, Anywhere you like, Keep in mind: SensorModule Ranges (See Section 4)
     STEP 8 - Right-Click on your Sensor
     STEP 9 NOTE: You will see 2 Item Slots in the Lower Left Corner.
     STEP 9 - Place the Encoded Transmitter into the Left-Most Slot
     STEP 10 - Place the SensorModule Card of your Choice into the Inner-Slot.
     STEP 11 - Open up the Computer Terminal Interface
     STEP 12 - Input "ccSensors/console" to bring up the Sample Program.
     1: You can use "list ccSensors" to see the full list of Pre-Made Programs
     Now you've made it this far. Well done, ccSensors Basics have been covered.
     SECTION 2
     Sensor Controller Information:
     So you want to learn about the Sensor Controller?
     the First thing you will notice inside the Sensor Controller is the
     Options text on the Left, and the Information Text on the Right
     lets break this down
     The Option "Help" on the left hand side
     displays Information on HOW to use the Interface,
     Let me Explain it here:
     Console Help
     Select Probe
     Switch Target
     Scroll Results
     So Of-course the Keys are mentioned here.
     UP/DOWN is Referring to the Arrow Keys "Up" and "Down"
     RIGHT/LEFT is Also Referring to the Arrow Keys "Right" and "Left"
     PGUP/PGDOWN is Referring to the Keys "Page Up" and "Page Down" on your Keyboard.
     The Option "Info" on the left hand side.
     Displays Information about Connected Sensors
     Let me Explain it here:
     Connected Sensors: #
     Owner: <String>
     Channel: #
     Now lets have a Look at each one
     Connected Sensors:
     this node, is telling us HOW MANY (an INT Value) Sensors are Connected to this Sensor Controller.
     this node, is telling us WHO IS THE OWNER of this Sensor.
     this node, is telling us WHAT "FREQUENCY" the Sensor Controller is listening to the Sensor on
     This is the name of the Connected Sensor
     (See Section 3 for More information)
     On the Bottom of the Interface you will see:
     1: Item Slot
     1: Button
     Item Slot:
     this item slot is for Transmitter Cards,
     if you insert a Blank Transmitter Card and Hit the Encode Button that pops up
     it'll encode that Transmitter to that Sensor Controller, Any Sensors Utilizing this Card, will
     transmit to this station
     the default button that is always showing
     "Set Owner"
     This button is here to allow us to "Assign" Ownership to Transmitter Cards
     SECTION 3:
     Sensor Information:
     So you want to learn about Sensors?
     Sensors are the "Stick" like things in ccSensors
     They are the Key Component in ccSensors as they are your "Readers"
     For reading the MC World, without a Sensor, we cannot detect or read information
     SECTION 4:
     Sensor Card Information:
     SensorCards or SensorModules are the Cards we give sensors to tell them what to relay
     to our Sensor Controller, if you wish to learn more about what we can relay
     Please see my other Document: 
     SensorModule Help

Transmitter Card Information:

Transmitter Cards are the Frequency or Channel Cards, which our Sensors use to
"Send" the Information to the SensorController, You can Assign a Frequency, and then Transmit
the Data with them.

Sensors API:

The Sensors:API is what allows us to Pull the Functions of ccSensors and get our data
for a better Look into the API and how to Utilize it.
Please see my other Document:

Additional Notes:
SECTION 3 Needs Expanding
SECTION 5 Needs Expanding

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