The Forcefield Zapper Upgrade deals damage to any player or mob that touches the forcefield. Depending on the number of upgrades on the core, more or less damage will be dealt. Upon use, the arrow will turn yellow. The forcefield will turn red, with redstone sparks coming off of it.


Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Tesla Coil

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Forcefield zapper upgrade


If the force field is already on when you add the upgrade, You will have to cut off the Redstone power and put it back on for it to take effect.

If the upgrade is not working, make sure you are using the upgrade around the Area Projector. If used around the Core, nothing will happen (assuming your core and area projector are in different places).

This is useful to stop Void Ring teleports into the field. The knockback removes the player from contact, resulting in an inability to pass through with this bug. This also stops Ender pearls from teleporting in, except if the player, as is with above, quick enough

Video Tutorial

How to Tekkit - Forcefield with Zapper and Camouflage Upgrade16:55

How to Tekkit - Forcefield with Zapper and Camouflage Upgrade

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Schildgenerator & Projektoren10:51

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Schildgenerator & Projektoren


  • If an op with /god enabled touches the red zapper force field, they will receive damage as if they did not have /god on.

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