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Energy Crystal
Energy Crystal
Type EU Storage
Stackable No
Data Value 30241
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

The Energy Crystal is an energy storage device for Advanced Machines, such as the Mining Laser.

An Energy Crystal can hold up to 100,000 EU. When first crafted, they have no charge. They must first be charged in an MFE Unit, MFS Unit, MV Solar Array, HV Solar Array, or Charging Bench (MK2 or MK3). The more EU it's holding, the brighter it looks. 



HV Transformer

Lapotron Crystal

Mining Laser

MFE Unit

Nano Armor Edit

Nano Helmet

Nano Body Armor

Nano Leggings

Nano Boots


Unlike RE-Batteries, Energy Crystals cannot be stacked, no matter how much EU they have. Also, you cannot right-click while holding them to charge machines in your inventory.

Important: When you use a partially or fully charged Energy Crystal, it will completely lose its charge when used to create a HV Transformer or an MFE Unit. When used to create a Lapotron Crystal or Mining Laser, the created item will be charged according to the Energy Crystal's original charge.

For example, using 2 fully-charged Energy Crystals in the creation of a Mining Laser will result in a fully charged Mining Laser.

Powering Machines: The Energy Crystal doesn't charge many of the machines, but--oddly enough--it does power the Induction Furnace.

2013-03-15 18.09.22

The three shades of the Energy Crystal. The left holding 0 EU, the middle holding 50,000 EU, and the right holding 100,000 EU

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