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Electric Wrench
Electric Wrench
Type IC Tools
Stackable no
Data Value 30140
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

The Electric Wrench is used to remove Industrial Craft machines, and to change the output direction of Industrial Craft energy (EU) storage blocks and voltage transformers.

As an upgrade from the Industrial Craft Wrench, it ensures that the machine being removed will not revert to a Machine Block, if this wrench is set to 'lossless' mode.

Also, this wrench never breaks. Instead it consumes EU and needs to be charged in an EU Generator or an EU storage device, such as a BatBox, Charging Bench, MFE, MFS Unit, BatPack, or LapPack.

Modes and Energy ConsumptionEdit

To toggle between modes, hold down M then press the Use Button (Default: Right Click).


Electric Wrench Modes
Energy/Use  Success Probability
Lossless 10,000 EU 100%
Normal 500 EU 80%

Lossless mode has a 100% chance of returning the machine intact and not as a Machine Block. To enable lossless mode, press m and right click. Normal mode (displayed as 'lossless mode disabled') has an 80% chance of doing so, but consumes much less energy.

The Electric Wrench consumes 50 EU each time it changes the output direction of an EU storage block or voltage transformer.


Raw Materials Needed
6 Grid Bronze Bronze
1 Grid Refined Iron Refined Iron
2 Grid Redstone Dust Redstone Dust
6 Grid Copper Copper
4 Grid Tin Tin
7 Grid Rubber Rubber

Video TutorialEdit

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