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The Electric Furnace.

Electric Furnace Usage

An Electric Furnace (right) receiving EU from a Generator and BatBox.

The Electric Furnace is an improved version of the Iron Furnace. The benefits of this device compared to the Iron Furnace are that the Electric Furnace is faster, and being an IC2 machine, can be overclocked. By running on electricity instead of burning items, it is able to shut off immediately upon finishing (thus avoiding wasted energy). You can best take advantage of this by having some form of energy storage between the Electric Furnace and the Generators, such as a BatBox.

The Electric Furnace uses 384 EU per operation. When connected to a Generator, one piece of coal or charcoal, producing 4,000 EU, will provide 10.4 operations. On the other hand, an Iron Furnace uses 400 EU per operation, and it doesn't stop when there is nothing left to smelt. It can accept a maximum voltage of 32 EU/t (more than that will cause the furnace to explode without dropping anything). Additionally, an Electric Furnace can be powered by alternative sources such as a Solar Panel.


Crafting GUI.png


Electronic Circuit

Iron Furnace


Electric Furnace

Raw Materials Needed
8 Grid Iron Ingot Iron
6 Grid Rubber Rubber
4 Grid Redstone Redstone
3 Grid Copper Copper
1 Grid Refined Iron Refined Iron


Induction Furnace

Crafting GUI.png





Electric Furnace

Advanced Machine Block




Induction Furnace


Input  3 EU/t
Output -
Storage 416

Each operation costs approximately 307 EU.
Maximum Voltage: 32 EU/p before exploding


The four slots on the right are used to upgrade the machine. The three upgrades that are available are the Overclocker Upgrade, the Transformer Upgrade and the Energy Storage Upgrade. You can stack upgrades, but there is no use having more than 3 transformer upgrades or 13 Overclocker Upgrades in a furnace.

The following table shows the time required per smelt to number of Overclocker Upgrades and the required EU/t to power the furnace. Note that in-game, processing time is rounded to the nearest tick and EU/t is rounded down to the nearest whole number.

One electric furnace with 16 Overclockers(and the other upgrades) is slightly faster than an DM Furnace (tested SMP only)

No. of Overclockers Seconds per operation EU/t required (2 d.p.)
0 6.50 3
1 4.55 4
2 3.20 7
3 2.25 12
4 1.55 19
5 1.10 31
6 0.75 50
7 0.55 80
8 0.35 128
9 0.25 206
10 0.20 329
11 0.15 527
12 0.10 844
13 0.05 1351

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