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EU-Splitter Cable
The EU-Splitter Cable prevents EU from flowing through it when a Redstone current is applied. Redstone current can be applied directly using Redstone Dust, or from a Redstone Torch below the cable. It does not appear to work with Red Alloy Wire, however, placing a Repeater (confirmed) or Buffer Gate next to it does work.

It can handle up to 512 EU/t with a 0.5 EU loss per block making it very inefficient for long distances.


Crafting GUI.png

4xIns. HV Cable




4xIns. HV Cable

Splitter Cable

Video Tutorial

Tekkit - How To Make And Use All Cables (Basics)10:48

Tekkit - How To Make And Use All Cables (Basics)

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Гайд по Industrial Craft 2 - Cables

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