The Duplicator is a block added by the TubeStuff mod, used primarily by map-makers and server administrators. Unlike most Minecraft items, the Duplicator does not have a recipe. Instead, it can only be spawned in using the /give command or by using Not Enough Items. It can duplicate any item, even items without an EMC value.

To operate the Duplicator, the player should place the target item and amount inside the Duplicator, then "extract" items from it using:

The player should note that when using a Transposer/Wooden Transport Pipe, the Duplicator will only emit one item at a time.


  • The Duplicator might crash the game if loaded with a REP, (tested in SMP).
2012-09-27 21.14.39

A simple design of a duplicator setup. This example is duplicating Diamond Blocks.

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