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The Directional Forcefield Projector working by itself creates a 1 block tall and wide field extending up to 32 blocks. It can be used as an electronic drawbridge.

2012-09-13 05.04.21

When placed on top or below the projector.


This item works best when it is paired with an MFFS Directional Extender. When placed next to a directional forcefield projector - and no other projector - it will extend a forcefield as long as the direction projector already emits it, as far as the Extender's GUI says, up to 32 blocks. It's easiest to understand in pictures, so look below:

The projector can be set up to 32 blocks long, and the extender can emit that another 32 blocks in whichever direction you choose, including diagonally.
2012-09-13 05.04.58

Stairs made of Forcefields.


Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Electronic Circuit


Frequency Transmitter

Electrolyzed Water Cell

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Electronic Circuit

Directional Forcefield Projector

2012-09-13 05.03.54

When placed on either side of the projector.

Video Tutorial

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Schildgenerator & Projektoren10:51

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Schildgenerator & Projektoren

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