The Dark Matter Sword is an unbreakable weapon made of Dark Matter and Diamond. It has a base damage of 6 hearts and one special effect that can be activated when charged.

If not used directly against a mob, the player may use right-click or the R key to use a powerful area-of-effect slash, decimating any living (or undead) creatures in the vicinity by a slightly less devastating attack (but still substantially more powerful than a normal swing). The area of effect and the diminished damage bonus are also determined by charge level.

Each time you activate the force field of death (the area of effect, or AOE), the weapon consumes one glowstone dust. This means that this can be useful in the nether for fighting zombie pigmen, since fuel can be easily collected and the pigmen will all be harmed at once.

2013-01-27 12.12.22

A Player Weilding a Dark Matter Sword.


Crafting GUI.png

Dark Matter

Dark Matter


Dark Matter Sword

2 x 139,264 + 1 x 8,192 = 286,720 EMC


Crafting GUI.png

Red Matter

Red Matter

Dark Matter Sword

Red Matter Sword


  • Sometimes, when destroying a cobweb, both a cobweb and string will be yielded. This provides a duplication glitch, shared with the Red Matter Sword and the Red Katar.
  • Area kill does not work on slimes or magma cubes. 

Video Tutorial

How to Tekkit - Red Morning Star and Red Katar24:12

How to Tekkit - Red Morning Star and Red Katar

Teaching Magic Dark Matter19:02

Teaching Magic Dark Matter

Dark Matter Sword Tutorial Tekkit01:06

Dark Matter Sword Tutorial Tekkit

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