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The Dark Matter Pickaxe is an unbreakable tool that is capable of blasting through stone and ore alike, reducing Obsidian to dust in seconds. It is the only thing capable of breaking a Dark Matter Block (along with the Red Matter counterparts). Its charge ability is free to use, which allows you to destroy up to 16 blocks of one ore-type material in a single right click. When this ability is used, the pickaxe creates a Loot Ball that falls away from your body, which you must then retrieve to attain the materials you mined.

All Dark Matter Tools have Two Charge levels, increasing the breaking speed of the block being mined by a factor of the charge. The "V" key is the default for charging. "Shift + V" will remove the charge from this item.

Secondly its regular pick (left click) has 4 different functions.

Toggled with "C" they are:

  1. Standard: breaks one block at a time
  2. 3x tall shot: breaks 3 blocks at once vertically
  3. 3x wide-shot: breaks 3 blocks at once horizontally
  4. 3x long-shot: breaks 3 blocks at once in a line in front of you

These "3x" modes take almost the same picking time as a single block so it is great for speeding up your mining, though not as effective as a Destruction Catalyst or a Catalytic Lens. However The Dark Matter Pickaxe doesn't require EMC to work unlike the Destruction Catalyst. 

Recipe link title

[[Media:Media:Example.ogg--~~~~Insert formula here]]]kaxe}} 3 x 13092604 (Dark Matter x3) + 2 x 81902 (Diamond x2) =43041706 EMC


The Dark Matter Pickaxe can be upgraded into a Red Matter Pickaxe.

Crafting GUI.png

Red Matter

Red Matter

Dark Matter Pickaxe

Dark Matter

Red Matter

Red Matter Pickaxe

==Video Tutorial==jjhjhj 222px

Teaching Magic Dark Matter19:02

Teaching Magic Dark Matter


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