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Dark Matter
Dark Matter
Type EE Materials
Stackable Yes (64)
EMC Value 139,264
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

Dark Matter is the first of the matters added by Equivalent Exchange and is equivalent to 17 Diamonds. It can make tools such as the Dark Matter Pickaxe, Dark Matter Shovel and Dark Matter Hammer. It can be upgraded to Red Matter by crafting it with Aeternalis Fuel. Dark Matter is the second highest tier of items in Equivalent Exchange.

Dark Matter can be used in the upgrades of certain items, such as an Antimatter Relay or Energy Collector. Various rings require it as a crafting ingredient, such as the Zero Ring, the Ring of Ignition, the Swiftwolf's Rending Gale, and others. It can be used to create a Dark Matter Furnace which is inferior only to the Red Matter Furnace and a fully overclocked (16) electric frunace.



Dark Matter Block

Upgrade a MK 1 Energy Collector MK 2

Upgrade a MK 1 Antimatter Relay MK 2

Red Matter

Dark Matter ToolsEdit

Dark Matter Pickaxe

Dark Matter Shovel

Dark Matter Axe

Dark Matter Sword

Dark Matter Shears

Dark Matter Hoe

Dark Matter Hammer

Red Matter ToolsEdit

Red Matter Pickaxe

Red Matter Shovel

Red Matter Hoe

Red Matter Axe

Red Matter Sword

Red Matter Hammer

Red Matter Shears

Dark Matter ArmorEdit

Dark Matter Helmet

Dark Matter Chestplate

Dark Matter Legs

Dark Matter Boots


Evertide Amulet

Volcanite Amulet


Hyperkinetic Lens

Catalytic Lens


Archangel's Smite

Black Hole Band

Harvest Goddess Band

Ring of Ignition

Swiftwolf's Rending Gale

Zero Ring

Other EE ToolsEdit

Gem of Eternal Density

Watch of Flowing Time

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