The DM Pedestal, when right-clicked, will activate an effect of various alchemy power items. The GUI can be opened by crouching and clicking on the pedestal. The pedestal can only hold one power item at a time, and when right-clicked while NOT pressing shift, it activates an ability unique to the power item that is on the pedestal.

The DM Pedestal is known to have issues in Multiplayer.


Crafting GUI.png

Red Matter

Red Matter

Dark Matter Block

Dark Matter Block

Dark Matter Block

Dark Matter Block

Red Matter

Red Matter

Dark Matter Block

DM Pedestal


Effects of Each

Archangel's Smite

Fires arrows at any Mob that comes into range. (Aggressive)

Black Hole Band

Drags items and mobs towards the pedestal. If a container is next to the DM pedestal, the item will go into the container. (This function is not compatible with Metal Chests or Ender Chests.)

Harvest Goddess Band

Boosts all crop growth and harvests certain crops. (Does not harvest melons.)

Ring of Ignition

Sets mobs (aggressive and non-aggressive) in range alight.

Evertide Amulet

Upon placement, rainfall will never stop until you take it out again.

Swiftwolf's Rending Gale

Fires lightning at mobs (aggressive and non-aggressive)

Talisman of Repair

Repairs items in all players inventories nearby. (Causes SMP server error)

Works as of SMP Server Version 3.1.3

Soul Stone

This will heal all players within the 9x9x9 area of the pedestal (Similar to a Beacon in 1.4.1+).

Watch of Flowing Time

Speeds up all machines (globally) by 7%. This does not work in multiplayer.

Volcanite Amulet

Upon placing this into the pedestal, rainfall will not occur until it is removed.


All above effects (except Watch of Flowing Time, Volcanite, and Evertide Amulets) affect a 9x9x9 cube, with the pedestal being in the middle.

The Dark Matter Pedestal also has flame particles glowing around it when activated in SSP. However, in SMP, this effect does not show.


  • If you load a world created in a future version of Minecraft higher than 1.2.5, Cocoa Pods on trees will sometimes convert to Dark Matter Pedestals. This is because Cocoa Pods have the same block ID as DM Pedestals.
  • When an item which does not work in the DM pedestal is placed inside of it, the item is ejected out the side. You can however work around this and create "decor" pedestals by piping the items into the pedestal (tested with red power pneumatic tubes)

Video Tutorials

Dark Matter Pedestal Tutorial Tekkit03:22

Dark Matter Pedestal Tutorial Tekkit

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