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The crafty turtle is a turtle that is capable of crafting items (as long as it has the resources needed).


To make a crafty turtle, combine a normal turtle (or any turtle with a tool) with a crafting bench. This will make a crafty version of that turtle. When placed, it will appear to have a grey crafting grid where a modem would be on a wireless turtle. Melee, mining, digging, farming and cutting turtles can all be upgraded to Crafty Turtles. This maintains their old functions as well as allowing them to craft items and blocks. Also keep in mind that a turtle can not be both wireless and crafty.

Crafting GUI.png


Crafting Table

Crafty Turtle


Unlike other turtles, crafty turtles can execute a command called turtle.craft(). When called, it will attempt to craft with the materials in its inventory. This ability can be used as an alternative to auto crafting benches and unlike a crafting bench the turtle can move, place the blocks it crafted and if you upgrade it with a tool, it can even be used to perform other various tasks such as mining, tree chopping, and wheat farming in addition to crafting.

An example:

If the turtle's inventory looked like this:


c = cobble   s = stick

And turtle.craft() was called, a stone pick would pop into its inventory at the cost of the cobble and sticks.

A 'Crafty Turtle GUI Template' is not yet available on the wiki.


turtle.craft() Craft items using ingredients in the nine upper left slots bool "success"

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