Cover Slabs are Micro Blocks with a thickness equal to 5/8ths that of a normal block. They can be crafting by placing Covers, Panels, Triple Covers, and Slabs of the same material into the crafting grid in such a way that their combined thickness is equal to that of an Cover Slab (5/8ths of a full block).


Cover Slabs can be crafted using a large number of different combinations of other Sub Blocks. Any combination of the Sub Blocks below will work, provided they add up to 5/8, and all materials used are made of the same material. Making Hollow Cover Slabs works the same way, simply substitute Hollow Covers, Panels, etc.

  • Cover - 1/8
  • Panel - 2/8
  • Triple Cover - 3/8
  • Slab - 4/8


Crafting GUI.png

Cover Slab

Triple Cover

Full Block

Crafting GUI.png

Cover Slab


Triple Panel

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