The Computer is the main block of ComputerCraft. This is the titular computer, which is the centerpiece of this mod.


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Computers can be crafted into turtles by combining them with 7 iron and a chest.

Place the console carefully, and just right click it to use. This will open the console command line, where you may type the name of the program you would like to run or a built-in function of the computer.

The console is capable of interacting with monitors and disk drives, through the use of the monitor and disk commands, (respectively).

There are several video tutorials on CC Lua programming on YouTube, as well as tutorials in the official ComputerCraft Wiki (Tekkit uses the 1.31 Version of ComputerCraft, so don't get confused with the 1.4 code).

Keyboard Shortcuts
CTRL+R Reboots the console
CTRL+S Forcefully shuts down the computer
CTRL+T Terminates the current program.

Note that you have to hold down the keys for 1–3 seconds.

Please note: This mod requires knowledge of Lua to code programs. Most of the Lua commands for the Console are shown with the help command. For instance, 'help monitor' or 'help disk'.

When using with Bundled Cables, the cables must connect straight out from the "side" of the computer, not across the side. Also be aware that changing the state of any signal turns off all the others. You must build in protection in your program to prevent (sometimes disastrous... think nuclear!) undesired side-effects.

Destroying a computer will wipe out any saved programs on that computer. As such, it is recommended to install a Disk Drive and save programs to a Floppy Disk. Also, destroying a computer while it is running a program may cause your tekkit client to crash. The safest way to terminate programs is by holding down CTRL-T for a few seconds (unless the programmer has built in termination protection).


Note: Use the commands without the uppercase letter. 



Adventure Allows you to play through a text adventure.
Alias aliases a program under another name
Apis lists all installed API's
Cd Change Directory. used to navigate the computer
Clear Clears all text on the Console.
Cp Copies a file from one place to the next "cp <from> <to>"
Delete Deletes a program. "delete <program name>"
Dj plays a music disk in an attached disk drive."dj <side of drive>"

Allows you to edit or make a new program. "edit <program name>"

Eject Ejects a disk drive.
Exit Shuts down the Console.

Basic program. Says "Hello World!" on the Console.

Help Lists help options.
ID Shows the ID of the Console
Ls Lists the contents of the folder you are in

Brings you into a Lua Prompt that lets you write single statements at a time in Lua code.


Reboots the console.

Redprobe Shows all redstone connections.
Redpulse Sends a redstone pulse through the specified side, for a setable number of times and length. 'redpulse("side","count","delay")'

Shows all available programs, such as all of these.


Plays Star Wars in ASCII format.

Shutdown Shuts down the Console.
Time Shows the current time of your Minecraft world.
Worm Allows you to play a 'Snake' like game.

Please note that the above list may not be complete. As such, anyone who finds a program not listed here is encouraged to edit this page and add it.

For more information on programming etc. try visiting the Computer Craft Wiki!

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