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Fully grown Coffee

Coffee Beans

Coffee Bean Growth

Coffee Bean Growth Stages. Notice the change from the darker beans to the lighter beans.


This is an easy way to ensure your crop matures, even if you don't know which is growing.

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    • I cross breeded and got really lucky, nether wart + wheat gave me coffe and hops at the same time!
    • I crossbred nether wart + nether wart and got lucky, I got coffee, hops, and terrawart from that farm. An ideal breed is ferru + ferru, which ...
  • Collecting Coffee Beans

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    • All you have to do is right click them, if you're on a server and that doesn't work tell me the IP of the server and I can help you out :)
    • I had the same problem as you (If I understand you right) and you just have to wait a bit more, because you probably clicked them when they ...

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